Trustee, Custody and AFSL Services

MARQ Trustees offers hands-on AFSL support to help you attain your investment management objectives – whether you are an experienced or first time investment manager

Trustee, Custody and AFSL Services

MARQ Trustees services are structured to undertake the core tasks of establishing and operating a Fund, in line with Australia’s Financial Services laws and ASIC policy.

This gives you and your team the clear air to focus on selecting and growing your fund’s assets, and building your investment management business.

Fund Trustee Services

Trustee Services

MARQ Trustees holds an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) authorising it to act as trustee of wholesale unregistered managed investment schemes; commonly referred to as ‘Wholesale Funds’.

In that role, we are responsible for the compliance and governance of the Fund to ensure it operates in accordance with its Constitution, Information Memorandum, and the law. MARQ Trustees provides trustee services to Wholesale Funds invested across the spectrum of asset classes. These include funds invested in property, mortgages and other secured credit, ESG impact assets, carbon credits, water rights, agriculture, private equity, SIV, VCLP and ESVCLP, equities, and fund of funds.

Custody Services

MARQ Trustees can provide incidental custody services ensuring the safekeeping of assets, accurate record keeping and efficient settlement of transactions.

Managed Investment Trust (MIT) Services

MARQ Trustees Australian Financial Services License authorises it to act as trustee and investment manager of an MIT to ensure initial and ongoing compliance.

Foreign investors can benefit from reduced withholding tax rates if a trust qualifies as an MIT including the eligibility requirements of ownership and Australian-based investment management.

Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Services

MARQ Trustees is authorised to act as a trustee of SIV funds, including having custody of the assets, fund administration, registry services, and the provision of compliance support to investment managers ensuring investment in ‘complying investments’ to meet the requirements of the Visa program.

Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR) Services

MARQ Trustees is able, under its AFSL, to authorise investment managers to provide a range of financial services; typically ‘advice’ and ‘deal’. An ‘advice’ authorisation enables an investment manager to provide general financial product advice to wholesale clients (investors) when marketing a fund to them. A ‘deal’ authorisation enables an investment manager to execute transactions involving financial products, such as securities, derivatives and interests in managed investment schemes, on behalf of the Fund.


Corporate Trust Services

MARQ Trustees provides corporate trust services for a suite of financial transactions. These include note trustee for corporate bondholders, security trustee, management of escrow accounts, and a broad range of fiduciary services.

Note Trustee Services

MARQ Trustees is authorised under its AFSL to act as note trustee in debt financing transactions.

MARQ Trustees acts as an intermediary between note issuers and note holders. This is an essential role in maintaining the smooth operation of the note issue, protecting the interests of note holders, ensuring compliance with – and enforcing – the terms of the note agreement.

MARQ Trustees distributes payments and can perform other administrative tasks as required.

Security Trustee Services

MARQ Trustees can serve as security trustee in debt financing transactions.

MARQ Trustees acts to safeguard the interests of lenders or investors by holding the security provided by the borrower on their behalf. This involves ensuring compliance with the terms of the security documents, and providing notices and waivers to lenders or investors. MARQ Trustees is also responsible for enforcing security in the event of default.

Escrow Account Services

MARQ Trustees can hold and manage funds on behalf of the parties to a transaction to ensure the transaction proceeds smoothly, and all parties are protected.

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