Jurisdictional issues

A. The right to offer an investment in a fund may be restricted in certain countries. No recipient of the PDS or the IM, in any country other than Australia, may treat it as constituting an invitation or offer to them to apply for an interest in the fund – unless the invitation or offer can lawfully be made under the laws of that country.

B. Prospective investors should inform themselves of the legal requirements and consequences of applying for, holding, transferring and disposing of interests in the fund. This also applies to any applicable exchange control regulations and taxes in the countries of their respective citizenship, residence, domicile or place of business.

C. It is the responsibility of a prospective investor outside Australia to obtain any necessary approvals required to invest in a fund.

D. An offer to invest in a fund will only be accepted in Australia. A prospective investor can either travel to Australia to apply for an interest in a fund or they may provide Power of Attorney for someone in Australia to do so on their behalf.