MARQ Strata Management helps you to enhance the value of your property and comply with the legal requirements of strata management. We achieve this through consistently high standards of property and financial management, delivered with the efficiency, promptness and courtesy that you rightfully expect.

Importantly, we see strata the way you do; from your perspective and with your objectives in mind. We are able to do this because our strata managers have sat on your side of the table. They have been lot owners and served as proxy holders for lot owners, committee members, and Secretary and Chairperson of Owners’ Corporations, and hired or provided strata services in every category of residential, commercial, retail and industrial property.

Our services assist the Owners Corporation to administer the property, protect the common property and facilitate any value-enhancement or other strategies that fit with the Owners Corporation’s ambitions. These services cover:

  • Day to day general and administrative tasks as set out in the Owners Corporation Act 2006 including accounting, insurance, statutory documentation, annual general meeting requirements and common property maintenance, etc.
  • Tasks particular to your Owners Corporation such as administering and ensuring compliance with leases, licenses and agreements which are in place.
  • Special projects which your Owners Corporation may assign to us to assist in the enhancement of value of the development.
  • Website design and maintenance to enable information and/or services to be easily accessed by the Committee, Lot Owners, Tenants and Maintenance Contractors.